About Forever Blonde

Actress/ Singer, Darlene VanAlstyne, takes the stage with 8 Dancers for an hour-long concert style dance revue highlighting performances & unforgettable musical moments of female artists that share an obsession with Blonde Hair. Proving th at Blondes don't just have more fun, hey make more money.

From Marilyn to Madonna. It’s Britney ……, Shakira, Nancy, Jessica, Carrie, Pink, Adele, Taylor, Gaga, Bette, Dolly, Xtina, maybe more, maybe less. Each number is tailored in exquisite costuming that is brought to life by choreographed dance routines ranging form pop, contemporary, line, jazz, cabaret, gogo & Bollywood.

The Must See Show Family Show of the Summer brought to you by the producer of Boyz R Us, Big Boned Barbies, Where the Boyz Are, Freaks, Kook & Showgirls.

Written by Erik Pierce

Costume & Choreography by Gerardo

Host Darlene VanAlstyne


Information at: (508) 241-8187 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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