About Salcetra

Direct from the polluted shores of Brooklyn, New York's, famed Gowanus Canal, Mona Mour fearlessly guides the audience through Salcetera, a  comedy, dance revue with 8 professional
dancers from several different countries. Mona will take you on a sweet,spicy, sultry, sexy and at times chunky, journeythrough Latin America, it’s rhythms, it’s folklore, it’s colors.

This is Mona's sixth season in Ptown, having gained notoriety for her off-the-wall, creative performances and her exuberant...boozy... personality. Showgirl of the Year 2009, Mona can be found around town hosting A$$ Wednesdays at the A-House, entering various weekly competitions, and often passed out under the nearest bar. In the off-season, she is Brooklyn, New York's, saucy starlet performing in venues around the borough including her weekly trivia night at Branded Saloon, now in its third year.


As Mona says herself, "Nothing says Latin dance like Cape Cod. A stretch of land famous for its beaches, The Kennedys, and seafood burritos."

Be sure to follow Mona on all the social media outlets:

Twitter: @Miss_Mona_Mour

Instagram: MissMonaMour

Facebook: MissMonaMour

So come on down to the Mayflower Room at the Provincetown Inn, sit back, pop open a Corona, grab some chips and salsa, and enjoy the best show you'll find in Ptown: Salcetera! Mona won't start without you.

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